Storage Information

Since, we don’t use any kind of preservatives and/or improvers, we request you to consume the products fresh of receiving

consume the products fresh of receiving


Name of the ProductConsume WithinStorage Instructions
Cakar (Cake-in-a-jar) – Ganache Based4 DaysRefrigerate 
Cakar (Cake-in-a-jar) – Cream & Cheese based 36 HoursRefrigerate. 
Baked Cheesecakes3 Days (60 hours / 2.5 days)Refrigerate
No-Bake Cheesecakes2 Days (36 hours / 1.5 days)Refrigerate
Mousse Cakes1 DayRefrigerate
Ganache Cakes3 DaysRefrigerate, remove all ganache based products from the fridge 30 minutes before consumption to get the full benefit of their textures and flavours. (Or heat them)
Fresh Cream Cakes1 DayRefrigerate
Cupcakes2 DaysRefrigerate
Brownies5 DaysRoom Temperature
Boozy TubsSame dayRoom Temperature/Reheat
Macarons4 DaysRefrigerate
Tea Snacks2 Weeks (month from date of manufacturing)Room Temperature
Tea Cakes5 Days (6 days )Room Temperature
CookiesMonth from date of manufacturing Room Temperature
Fudges2 weeksRefrigerate
Rochers3 WeeksRefrigerate
Healthy Mix2-3 WeeksRoom Temperature
Pao24 HoursRoom Temperature
Puffs2 DaysRoom Temperature

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